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NOTE: Parts of the description above and the pictures below were sent by a friendly visitor. at r.) allows direct measuring of distances on the old French military maps whose scale was ,000) with a precision of 50m (compare with the ROSSIGNOL compass above). To this purpose, a slot located along the ruler serves as an aiming aid (sight line).

We would be very grateful if some collector possessing such a compass in working order would contact us and help completing this entry. Simplified version of a later model made by Houlliot between the world wars.

This device is used to aim pieces of artillery (setting of the elevation angle) at a target.

Verziere seinen Platz mit dieser personalisierten Girlande, es geht ganz einfach!

The capsule can be rotated and its position secured by a screw. He had two sons, John, who worked 1841 - 1845 at different addresses to his father, and Joseph who worked 1830 - 1831 at 399 Strand The capsule is made of two glass disks: the upper one with a red line is a bezel and can be locked with a lateral screw. Technical Data - Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.5 x 6 3/8 inch (65x65x162mm) - Weight: approx. (700 gr) - Sighting: The slots are equipped with horse hair reticles attached with screws.

For more details, visit the GOMUSE's website (see address in LINKS) because it combines a sitometer and a compass.

This item is said to comprise (but we have no evidence) a table of some French cities with their latitude just like the older sundials (dyptychs).

We were told that this table can be observed through a tiny hole below the transit loop.

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