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When you identify the specific causes, you're better able to discover why it's happening.

You can then use strategies to overcome your impatience.

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You start sweating, and suddenly you yell at the person for being slow and putting you behind schedule. They can be viewed as poor decision makers, because they make quick judgments or interrupt people.Here's the problem: you're waiting for someone to finish compiling a report that you need for a meeting. Losing control of our patience hurts not only us, but those around us.Because of an issue that came up, you're already 15 minutes late. Impatience raises our stress level and can even cause physical harm to our bodies. In this article, we'll examine strategies that you can use to be more patient.Some people will even avoid impatient people, because of their poor people skills and bad tempers.People with these personality traits are unlikely to be at the top of the list for promotions to leadership positions. The more patient you are with others, the likelier you are to be viewed positively by your peers and your managers, not to mention your family and friends. You will probably experience one of more of the following symptoms: If you experience the symptoms of impatience, your next step is to discover the true cause.

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